Sernett Remodel 2004:


To: Kunkel Construction

From: Jeff & Suzy Sernett

Subject: Our newly remodeled home



     We wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying our new house additions that you built for us. Our sons, Kurt (5yrs) and Alec (21months) are having fun driving there trucks in the basement and playing trains in the new sunroom. Having the additional space for our growing family has been very nice our new master bedroom has more space then we have ever enjoyed and Suzy’s craft zone has allowed her to spend time doing projects in a space that she can call her own. We have noticed that our house is much quieter inside since you did such a great job with sealing up the exterior before the new siding was installed. What a difference this has made during the cold spells this winter.

      We want to thank you for the quality of craftsmanship that you put into our remodeling project and for being flexible as we worked through the project. During the wet weather events last summer we got a real taste of Mother Nature and having a big hole next to our home, but you were there when we needed some support to get through the very messy parts of remodeling. Your attention to detail and Jay’s perfectionist qualities have given us an even better place to live that we will enjoy for many years to come. Thanks to Jay for convincing me to make the north garage door a wall instead of replacing the door. I am glad that you persisted as it was the right decision and now I have a tool peg board in that new corner where I can hang garage tools. It is a new work area for the garage, which is nice to have, plus the garage is now warmer since the north side has less holes!

     We hope you have a good 2005 and if we or anyone we know have building projects, Kunkel Construction will come highly recommended by the Sernett’s. There are still many homeowners and People who value QUALITY craftsmanship and Kunkel Construction absolutely delivers quality work.

     We hope you and your families are doing well and hope to see you during 2005. We have included a few pictures.


Jeff, Susy, Kurt & Alec Sernett

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